5 Reasons you should host an event for your business

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You may have been thinking about having an event to showcase your business for a while, or this may be the first time its crossed your mind. Either way here is our top reasons for why your business should have an event!

1. New relationships: Hosting an event is perfect for bringing all your existing clients to one place, but an event also gives you the opportunity to invite people you would like to work with. An open invitation can be suitable to some events, which can also be tailored to target a certain industry or location. Your event would allow you to socialise with all these new people & build relationships!

 2. Build your database: Building your mailing list with suitable data can often be a tricky business. At your event you can have a business card drop where you can gather everyone’s details and add them to your contacts and database with notes, problem solved!

 3. Brand awareness: There is no doubt that an event can build your brand awareness. The most powerful tricks are to use hashtags that all your guests can add to their own posts about your event.  Also having your team present at your event to promote your brand will show your brand in a positive light.

4. Showcasing new projects: A new product or service can be hard to promote, but with all your target audience in one place an event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your new product or service. Plus an event can also add buzz to your existing products.

5. Media opportunity: Get the press involved! Doing some charity work? Got a new exciting product? Business anniversary? Getting the media involved can be really powerful exposure to your target audience and is basically free advertising!